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"mod post"


so around 1.5 yrs ago aquandrian got enough being a mod and myself & brightbluestuff took her place.

And now it's my time to go. I feel sort of embarrassed to even be typing this since there's not much I ever did to this community (basically i've deleted a few obvious spam entries in addition to making the ugly layout that's up now) especially since I know there are people who would wish a mod to be kind of, er, active. :p

So. Anyone want to be a new mod? As far as I know (but i'm not 100% positive) brightbluestuff is still continuing, but if anyone has any interest in being an "active" or even semi-active mod (i'm not sure what would that exactly be; making up games :-D or just posting news etc), let me know!
The community is very quiet when there's no new album etc out so the amount of "actual" work is pretty low.

Also, do you think the community should have a new layout?

Thanks & apologies
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