Miss Kate (janesartillery) wrote in dandys_rule_ok,
Miss Kate


ah the dandies!

saw them at the Wonder Ballroom last night. It was easy enough to get spots against the stage, so I was able to see them all so close up. Courtney was wearing the boots he designed, and some green armyish pants, and a sleeveless tshirt, and an army cap. Zia had the Driving with the Dandy Warhols shirt (well worn) and kept leaving to use the bathroom.

But ah, the show was great. Those guys rock every time. And I swear, Courtney gave me this sly peek when he sang "your hairdo yeah"...hee!

At one point the girl from the Out Crowd squeezed in next to me and flashed Zia, to which Zia said, "I love you too!" Adventure! And then she turned to me and said "what?" (no doubt because I was looking amused) and I said "No, no, keep at it!"

And then the finale...little Drummer Boy. And then the Out Crowd ran on stage and showered us all with fake snow and fake bananas with Monkey House stickers on them (I nabbed one out of one of their back pockets) and everyone in the front started choking on the snow. It was incredibly painful, but what the hell, what wouldn't I bear for the Dandies, eh?
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