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Does anyone here watch Gilmore Girls?

I don't usually, but I was bored a few weeks ago, and decided to watch. Anyways, in the episode, the band-of-rory's-bestfriend-who's-name-is-Laine was playing a gig where there were talent scouts. THE EPISODE WENT ALL BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE ON ME. It was the strangest thing I'd seen in a while. The lead singer hired a guy who looked identical to the guy in BJM who does nothing but wear huge sunglasses, play the tambourine, and look stoned (I don't listen to BJM a whole lot, so I don't know his name). In fact, I think that might have actually been him, can someone tell me if it is?
Then the lead singer ditched the list of songs they were going to play, started yelling at the audience, called it "his band", and punched someone in the face.

The writers of Gilmore Girls must have been watching Dig! as they were thinking of what should happen on the show.
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BJM's frontman is the insane genius Anton Newcombe.
no, not him.
the other guy whos name is Joel who does absolutely nothing.
i know Anton is a genius, that much is obvious.
ah, yes, I read like a fool.

I love Joel. I also love how he IS totally useless... yet the longest lasting member of BJM (I hear he was kicked out recently)
Note to self: Must watch Gilmore Girls. They are obviously it-getters.

Joel Gion may do nothing on stage but he does it oh-so-WELL. Particularly tossing lit cigarettes into the crowd and stumbling around drunk! LoL, ahhhhhhhhhh I love me some Joel
That's awesome. I should start watching!
Joel been on two episodes and the second one was priceless.
(he has to take over the song for the lead singer, not really his forte so it was tehe inducing)

There was actually a shout out to it lots earlier in the season.
Two kids, Martha and Davey, were getting baptised and someone upon
noticing the pews for Martha were more full than for Davey said,
"Ah in popularity Martha's The Dandy Warhols to Davey's Brian Jonestown
(or something similar.)

Wow that was a LOT to write about a tv show. :p
the great thing about that show is how many pop culture referances they maek - but usually more indie things or stuff with cult followings. it's not just your average paris hilton/destiny's child joke.
I know. Did you see Thurston, Kim and Coco on yesterday?
I was way too excited hehe.
he (joel) has a new band...can't remember the name though. i saw them play at popscene in san francisco cos he lives there. he's the lead singer but i swear, he still has that damn tambourine glued to his hand.
the dilletantes i believe..
not sure if thats spelled correctly though.
i live in mexico, so, girlmore girls' chapters get here reaaaaaally late..

a few weeks ago i saw the one where kirk says something about bjm and the dandy warhols... which by the way.. call me an idiot.. i didn't get... :s

rock on!