Jenn (carcrash_jenn) wrote in dandys_rule_ok,


On Sunday, at 3am, I was woken up by Bohemian Like You. As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dandy Warhols, they can fuck off at that time of day...

This community is sort of dead, by the looks of it.
What's your favourite album?
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I've had a bad experience with Bohemian Like You as well, quite different from yours though. :D

I can never decide my favourite album.
oo do tell! hehehe well i woke up at 3am to find that my boyfriend wasn't there (he'd said he'd be home about midnight, so i went to sleep) and had a bit of a panic, it would have been alright if i hadn't woken up coz he came in an hour later and i would never have known!

favourite album... i've been listening to welcome to the monkey house a lot recently, but i don't ALWAYS prefer it

Deleted comment

Im cliche and I love 13 tales. Though the more I listen to Odditorium the more I like it. Everyone is a really great song.
i love all of them , it's difficult to make a choice. But i think i stick with "... rule ok".

but "come down" is damn good also!
I agree. Can't beat Dandys Rule!
DROK is my favorite, definitely. And then Come Down.
13 Tales was the first CD my parents bought,
a.k.a the first one i heard, and grew up with.

But I like Rules Ok a lot too.